A tick was crawling up my shirt!!! Lyme Disease and Jamie…

Jamie with Lyme disease from Oregon shows us the tick she found crawling up her shirt, and the ticks she found burrowed into her step dad’s dog. Music by Kurr Amiina

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25 Responses to A tick was crawling up my shirt!!! Lyme Disease and Jamie…

  1. songinthegarden says:

    You rock, hang in there, I can relate. It is difficult when someone doesn’t believe you are listen, especially the medical world out there. Keep searching for a doctor you can trust and one that will listen..
    hugs to you,

  2. actonbath says:

    Ticks populate homes in winter……warmth.

    I’ve seen houses with hundreds of ticks crawling around, especially around window curtains.

  3. canefan17 says:

    This video was funny haha

    Love the quote about, “He’ll prolly think I had it shipped in.” lol

    I know you don’t feel good… but you look like you’re doing really good in the video.

    Keep at it.

    Remember… Dr Burrascano said it best….

    When in doubt…. “It’s Lyme, stupid”

    ^^^ Lyme is the gatekeeper. Kick its ass and usually the rest will take care of itself.

  4. gtbradford says:

    I dont think Lyme is from a Tick bite , I think Lyme ATRACTS ticks ! and Bugs . . . Lyme is from a Goverment experiment , to depopulate the world . . . .

  5. MyLymesStruggle says:

    Hi, I had just found that tick 15 minutes prior. I was running around trying to make sure I did not have anymore on me. I also had 3 dogs which were covered in them so there was no ill intention on not removing the tick. :) ) And yes, I never knew they were right out in my back yard. Had never seen them before. Anyways, thanks for watching.

  6. zubery says:

    also, why would you knowingly let your dog have the ticks..they can get lyme disease too if the tick is on them more than 48 hours..just yank them off at the head (wiggle them off). Also, since my dog gets them all the time, I know they do not “burrow under the skin”..the bite in and embed tightly, but they don’t literally go under the skin layer..tell step dad to get some frontline or something!

  7. zubery says:

    it was just 60 degrees the other day..too cold for ticks? dumb dumb dumb…oregon is actually an area of low incidence according to the NIH, or less than 1 % of cases come from here..but we have a boat load of ticks..in eugene too..my dog gets them fall, winter and spring. anywhere there are high grasses..my boyfriend is a doctor here and has seen incidences of lyme disease, so yes, something to be concerned about especially if your house isn’t surrounded by concrete.

  8. tAcOsLaPpEr33 says:

    There so fucking creepy

  9. mkadvocate says:

    If you actually have lyme disease then you would relies that it cant be healed within 2 weeks of any type of treatment. Trust me, I’ve had it for over a year and having aches and pains all day long head to toe not only sucks but on top of that no one will support you. Even my own family stoped supporting me. Imagine even doctors turning there head in discuse because they dont believe that Lyme Disease is possible where you live. By the way Lyme Disease has occured in every state.

  10. Squabbles10 says:

    I am in Australia and came to america a year ago and had 8 mercury fillings and 2 root canals removed from Dr Hal Huggins and Dr Diane Myer.
    They were brilliant. Look Huggins up. He has a very good protocol. I will try and get the coin for you in my prayers ……

  11. Squabbles10 says:

    I am a big fan of Jim Humbles MMS. What have you experienced with it ?

  12. MyLymesStruggle says:

    Full of mercury fillings, just don’t have money currently to remove. :)

  13. MyLymesStruggle says:

    Did you do this treatment? It seems very unrreal that it could get rid of it in 2 weeks. :) ) That would be amazing.

  14. MyLymesStruggle says:

    Did you do this or just look into it? Were you sick? Thankyou for watching. :)

  15. prozachsb says:

    Jamie! You are wonderful. Please look into Jim Humbles MMS treatment!!! You can heal yourself. love and light

  16. Squabbles10 says:

    Do you have any Mercury Fillings ?

  17. Squabbles10 says:

    Get onto Jim Humble’s MMS. 2 weeks, gone !

  18. GulfVet213 says:

    too cold?? Those docs are nuts. I watched a national geographic video on their website showing moose in Alask being infested with ticks. Alaska is a wee bit colder than there !!

  19. PinePowerLI says:

    That appears to be a huge deer tick. Ticks are a problem anywhere, and once its above freezing they can start coming out. The American Dog Tick seems to be fairly common here on LI, but there’s deer and lonestar ticks as well. Seeing your videos should make everyone realize how important it is to check yourself for ticks, and to treat clothes with permethrin before venturing into the woods in the warm season. DEET is useless, and the biggest scam going.

  20. IntelligentCreature says:

    hope you get better…. :(


  21. shad0h027 says:

    Tics here in upstate NY over-winter on host animals (usually deer). You have to go pretty far north to avoid them altogether… amazing that a health professional would think otherwise!

  22. ecftube says:

    Hey guys….PLEASE register at the Oprah Winfrey website and let her know how much you would like to see her do a show on Lyme disease. Dr. Oz thinks the “UNDER OUR SKIN” documentary is wonderful but a show about Lyme won’t be done unless she sees lots of interest. Request that LLMDS and patients be the guests so that we can be heard. Also, Daryl Hall would make a great guest. OPRAH needs to hear about YOUR experience with Lyme disease. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER !
    God Bless,

  23. ytMarkcg says:

    PTSD is a very accurate response to what you are going through

  24. RabekaJo says:

    wow just wow…I am in Kansas, I visited family at the border of Oklahoma and Kansas and their dogs are completely covered with ticks, I mean they are engorged by the time pap pa finds them and gets them off the poor things. And yes I have left there, and found a tick or two. I had what they thought was staph infection on my leg but I couldn’t remember where the tick was to know if it was the area where the tick was…so this is very interesting to me cause I feel better on any antibiotics

  25. Suzanne42 says:

    Holy cow! I have Lyme, and I would’ve FREAKED if I caught one crawling on me! Did you send it in to the CA lab to have them test it for Lyme?

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