Brooke Landau Battle with Lyme Disease story on GMA

Good Morning America interview with Brooke Landau on her fight with Lyme Disease.

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20 Responses to Brooke Landau Battle with Lyme Disease story on GMA

  1. LymeReality says:

    Lyme destroys lives.

    Treatment, no one willing to accept disease,so why bother treating”the unknown”

    It is real


  2. medialnk says:

    My wife was misdiagnosed by doctors for 20 + years until she finally tested positive for Lyme which is of course now chronic and very hard to erradicate. Her Lyme manifested as Lyme arthritis which has destroyed her joints and caused severe muscle atrophy. It has sucked the life out of her, but she is now being treated at Sierra Integrative Medicine in Rena, Nevada. They use hollistic based IV treatments and seem to have great success. We have hope that my wife will have positive results!

  3. charbis50 says:

    I was first diagnosed in 1990, had to stop the rocephin IV because I had a side effect from the drug – lost my gallbladder to it. After many years of oral antibiotics I thought I was cured. WRONG – it came back with a vengence in 2001. UGH

  4. pengyouparadise says:

    It kept cutting off when someone was speaking.
    I have Lyme Disease too. Lyme disease should be broadcast on the news, way more than it is now. It is a pandemic. Swine flu is a decoy away from the truth.

  5. ecftube says:

    Hey guys….PLEASE register at the Oprah Winfrey website and let her know how much you would like to see her do a show on Lyme disease. Dr. Oz thinks the “UNDER OUR SKIN” documentary is wonderful but a show about Lyme won’t be done unless she sees lots of interest. Request that LLMDS and patients be the guests so that we can be heard. Also, Daryl Hall would make a great guest. OPRAH needs to hear about YOUR experience with Lyme disease. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER !
    God Bless,

  6. Prethenie says:

    “melikerns” idea to openeyepictures

    The movie has brought much needed awareness, however, why don’t you post a list of petitions,a list of political representatives that we can contact. Put the links on your page; this will make it easier for those who barely have the energy to move. Please

  7. Prethenie says:

    I read a book years ago, called “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty. An absolute read. He states that during the Bubonic Plague, the rich who could afford sugars, were dropping like flies, the poor country folk who could not, faired well.

  8. Prethenie says:

    Google…..”Low Dose Naltrexone Homepage.” And also here on You tube…”Controlling Lyme Disease,” and see the LDN videos by “TropicalDawg” here as well. I have been using LDN, for just over a week now, and feel the need to pass the buzz. This is a drug that helps with the immune system, inflammation and endorphins. Eat as if you had a yeast problem, because Lyme loves what yeast loves. And no sugars of any kind…”Including Fruit!”

  9. melkerns says:

    gg44: please talk to your dr’s and list how you were diagnosed and treated. I think tons of people who are suffering with this disease would love to know this information. Thanks M.

  10. gg449333 says:

    I Suffered with Lyme Disease for 8 ½ years and was cured 6 years agotoday I am fully cured and am an Avid Competitive Tennis Player. In fact, my team just won the State USTA Championship in August of 2008)

  11. gg449333 says:

    Not sure Im remembering entirely correctly, but from what I recall
    I was put on Rocephin intravenously. for 52 doses 5 day on (weekends) two days off roughly 2 1/ – 2 ¾ months and I took Zithromax orally every other days for the same amount of time.

  12. gg449333 says:

    Also, I believe just as important to my healing process is that I kept a positive mental outlook. I had a supportive husband and although Im not a religious person, I am very Spiritual person. So, I prayed, meditated and people were praying for me. I also have to admit that the vast majority of Doctor and people around were NOT supportive, but I choose to focus on the FEW that where

  13. gg449333 says:

    I exercised as much as I could. Yoga was a a great help physically and mentally. Even in my most weakened state I had 5 lp barbells under my bed and would do exercise everyday.
    I had two babies, both girls, while ill with Lyme and would not give up the DREAM of raising my daughter.

  14. Azorka82 says:

    “PLEASE DON’T FEED THE TICKS”: I was a long distance hiker but contracted Lyme disease. ER doc diagnosed 2002 (tick bite/EM rash). Positive serology. ER doc confirmed diagnosis 2007. Wikipedia Lyme page emphasizes ‘no chronic Lyme’ yet describes disseminated Borrelia/late stage Lyme (?!).

    See my personal profile here for more about IDSA conflict of interest, etc.

  15. Prethenie says:

    Has anyone considered? that the heavy spraying of Chemtrails, may have contributed to our susceptability to Lyme Disease?

  16. ecftube says:

    Hi there,
    Wrote a VERY informative Lyme brochure with help of 2 Lyme specialists.
    Will email anyone a copy.
    Elaine in VA

  17. jiggersok says:

    Brooke Landau! she’s awesome!

  18. loggerbuck says:

    Question: If 20,000 people each year contract Lyme, per CDC; and 10 times that number each year are NOT diagnosed, per CDC; does that not mean 200,000 people per year contract Lyme but are not treated? OR, 1 million every 5 years? OR, 3 million in 15 years…. OR 1% o the U.S. population! But CHRONIC LYME is RARE, per our Infectious Disease doctors???? Investigate their conflict of interest.

  19. micahj2 says:

    I will pass along your contact info to Brooke.

  20. LymeKnights says:

    i wanted to contact Brooke Landau, and wanted to see if there is any way you would have her contact information
    you can contact me at: 516-589-3966
    thank you, sara walker

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