Coartem for Babesia??

I’m not sure if I’m spelling that right, my Dr’s hand writing, well, its just a Dr’s hand writing. Do you taste soap when you are using it?

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7 Responses to Coartem for Babesia??

  1. McPeeperSpy says:

    i am on mepron instead of malarone…so i have no advice, alas. *big hugs*

  2. zosorobo says:

    For fat, I keep jars of sunflower seeds, almonds, and pecans with my meds, and eat a couple handfuls. Sunflower seeds always seem to go first. Less work!

    Not sure why you’re tasting soap, but when I googled it, it mentions possible flouride poisoning. Our lymie bodies have a hard time detoxing from heavy metals, so if your meds or toothpaste or water contain this, you could be in danger of flouride poisoning. Not trying to scare you, just a head’s up.

  3. AlisaLymesJourney says:

    Yea im with kate, we are on much more of a dosage on mepron (which i guess is malarones cousin) um but MOST importantly wanted to say its Also paired with ARTEMISNIN!!!!! Which w/out the pair I wouldve never made ground…. Its a supplement so id say just order some and start taking it!!!! <3

  4. lymeoptimistic says:

    You might want to try eating a big spoonful or two of peanut butter. That’s what I did when I was taking Mepron. Either that or guacamole…which I think I gave you the recipe for a long, long time ago when I first found your videos. Anyway, I was on tons of Mepron and 8 caps of Artemisnin every other day for 4 months so I think you could use an upgrade in dosage for sure…not sure what I think about the whole 3 day deal :/

  5. penguini1982 says:

    And I don’t think of it as being worthless to take the meeds without fat that are supposed to be with fat, I think it will just be less effective. I struggle with fatty food, too, and I usually shoot for 10 grams when I’m on Mepron.

  6. penguini1982 says:

    I’ve been on coartem a few times, most recently a few weeks ago for worsening air hunger. The first time I was on it, it didn’t do much but this latest time it helped quite a bit, my air hunger is a lot better. I have also done huge doses of Mepron with zithromax and just had a ton of Babesia treatment over the past…10 years, wow. I still have issues pop up and right now the coartem seems to help quickly.

  7. penguini1982 says:

    I have something with tasting my shampoo when I shower. Some shampoo is worse than others and the longer it stays on, the stronger I taste it.

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