Controversial New INVISIBLE DISEASES Discussed (CFS ME FIBRO LYME) by Dr Franky Dolan ….. Awareness needs to be raised. People need to talk and educated each other about these diseases. Millions of people are suffering and they need help. Every year more and more people are diagnosed and nobody knows how it is contracted. I am making a documentary on this very subject and want to help all people who suffer from this. I am working on products to truly empower people of every age, every health, every path. Check out my website for more information….We are in this together! I send love into the world….. “Find Franky… And Find Yourself”

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17 Responses to Controversial New INVISIBLE DISEASES Discussed (CFS ME FIBRO LYME) by Dr Franky Dolan

  1. synapse131 says:

    It fits why we have physical stiffness and pain in the actual muscles and why there is also the hyperalgesic component that seems to layer on top of the physical pain.

  2. synapse131 says:

    It fits too that the raggedy fatigue appears on most (except severe) to be cyclical and reactive to activity. I hypothesize that the combination of diastolic cardiomyopathy and micro-circulatory may act with the drop out in blood pressure during the raggedy fatigue to produce central ischemia and thus, excitotoxic brain damage with the micro-seizure that causes cognitive and sleep dysfunction and hyperalgesia.

  3. synapse131 says:

    Nice video. I have an hypothesis that the folks most likely to go into the raggedy andy/ann fatigue are the folks most likely to have problems with blood sugar. It fits that the raggedy fatigue is similar to the athletic “bonk” (hitting the wall) since our bodies are are running on glycogen (due to micro-circulatory dysfunction not allowing aerobic metabolism to work right and not allow glycogen replacement.)

  4. angelahallinan says:

    thank you for this video. you did a great job at describbing what chronic fatigue is like. Not that I would want others to feel the way i do but, sometimes i thnk it would be nice if they could exprience the symptoms we have so they could better understand. I would love to know what hynotherapy woked for you. I am a strong believer that are mind is a powerful and it can help heal the body.

  5. nyxong24 says:

    Most of these symptoms are what I am going through, yet I have no idea what doctor to see, what to say, what to do and how to treat it. My best friend is any kind of extra strength otc painkillers. I am sick of feeling like this I hope to get a diagnosis, better yet i hope to have tests done and be told that I just need a “magic pill” and it will all go away, or eat healthy and get lots of vitamins. Thats all i can do anyway is eat healthy and have vitamins. I rely on my faith as well so =)

  6. patsmithsmithpat says:

    This video is THE best description on invisible diseases! Ever.

    Thank you for breaking it down so well. You seem to really care about people, and that can be rare. You are one of the special gems in this world.

    Thank you. I saw you in a magazine recently, by the way. Wow, you are doing such great things for people!

  7. SamiBebe2 says:

    My issue started just like this and now… well, it isn’t invisible anymore.
    Thanks for your comprehensive video.

  8. youlance29 says:

    very well said. you’re very accurate in your description of CFS. thank you.

  9. melikerns says:

    thank you, be well

  10. chronicdiseases says:

    Thank you for posting this video.
    Very informative

  11. cleric1104 says:

    Thanks for the video. I know that before I developed Lyme I was very dubious of these diseases and was not really shy about saying so. Now I know that they’re real because I have to deal with them every day. Karma.

  12. photojenni says:

    Amen Ealixa. I couldn’t agree more.

  13. EALIXA says:

    Well done! I’m also doing my best to raise awareness on his subject and know how difficult it is to explain over and over again that it is not in our head. Lovely presentation, as s.o. else said, the mirror, the background, the smile are great too.

    I just want to add something about fibromyalgia and positive thinking: I really don’t believe that fibro is linked to a negative pattern of thinking. The people who suffer from fibro that I have met are among the most positive people I’ve ever met!

  14. photojenni says:

    Super. Very well done and very informative. :-)

  15. cfsbayarea says:

    Beautiful video, wonderful information and dashing smile at the end. :) Thank you for using some of your energy to educate others and support other CFSers. I absolutely adore your videos.

  16. Suzanne42 says:

    Well put!

  17. justjoshfunk1 says:

    Nice background. I love that mirror! Good job.

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