Dr. Robert Rowen, MD Describes Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

Toget your questions answered visit Dr. Rowen’s website robert-rowen-md.com. Type in your search words in the search box. Dr. Rowen understands when to use allopathic, conventional, alternative, complimentary and oxidative medicine to help his patients heal and experience optimal health.

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25 Responses to Dr. Robert Rowen, MD Describes Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

  1. gschaaf713 says:

    This salesman I mean “doctor” isn’t very good. He didn’t even explain what the benefits are. lol

  2. marek0086 says:

    @patimus98~ nah u got all wrong. Your body produces vit D when the right light wavelength hits your SKIN!

  3. lrmodranoel says:

    Dr. Do you have any natural treatment for poly cystic kidney disease?

  4. oceanbirth says:

    @lalo1989cm yes it does! and hiv!!! but direct intraveinous ozone is best, as no heparin needs to be added to withdrawn blood in order to re-introduce it to the body.

  5. lalo1989cm says:

    Does this work to kill the herpes virus?

  6. MrJeffw223 says:

    How much ozonated water should one drink? My guess is that too much may not be good. Maybe a glass daily?????

  7. medini2 says:

    the “ionic breeze” creates a smell similar to ozone…i have had great success w/ warding off colds by sleeping w/ it by my head. won’t help across the room.
    just a thought.

  8. Shewolfen says:

    I have Lyme, I’ve not tryed this or know much about the science behind the use of UV but I do know when I sunbathe regularly, it makes me feel a LOT better.

  9. flamongoworld says:

    nonsense!! he is 100% dedicated, listen and pay attention before you comment!

  10. NokturnalOblivaeon says:

    My gut instinct is telling me this guy works for the pharmaceutical industry. What annoys me about guys like this is that they either havenʻt done their research and found out about all of the conflicts of interest and revolving door politics that exist between our FDA and the Pharmaceutical industry, or else they work for them. I used to be trusting too until I got leukemia myself and did my own research. For those with an open mind check out the following: Dr Gerson, Dr Russell L Blaylock

  11. thepowerofozone says:

    i got rid of late stage lyme disease after doing ozone for around 11 months daily.

  12. patimus98 says:

    doesn’t blood irradiation provide vitamin D – can’t many of the same benefits be achieved with vitamin D suppliments (we are talking about more than the FDA recommends!). All the same benefits as quoted here can be achieved with more vitamin d.

  13. mrlowdangle says:

    @thorf true

    profit margin comes first unfortunately

    kinda scary that the sicker society gets+the more drugs they take, the richer they become.

  14. Squabbles10 says:

    Can you send me a link or some reading material please ?

  15. Squabbles10 says:

    This first statement of taking blood out and putting it back in after being treated is a HUGE statement. I need reading material to back this up !!! Send me stuff please …

  16. DerekChaunessey says:

    Can ozone therapy help heal damaged heart tissue from heart attackes or brain tissue?

  17. TOAFN says:


    The FDA Continues to Suppress Ozone Therapy Despite Proven Efficacy

    the FDA = Desease MAFIA

  18. thorf says:

    I realize that the lack of financial support for studies on drugs not deemed profitable to big pharmaceutical companies is also a big problem preventing research into cheap and possibly effective therapies. Dichloroacetate is an example of this possibilty. With the risk of repeating myself, so many quack therapies come and go for cancer with great promising cures and not backed by validated research. The only way to plow through that jungle of bullshit is by using the scientific method.

  19. thorf says:

    The successes over the last few decades in cancer treatment are not as great as you would expect from all the money poured into research. Big Pharma is definately a Big problem. Nevertheless, chemotherapy for cancer has a lot more scientific evidence to support it than ozone therapy. If ozone therapy works and future studies support that fact then doctors will prescribe it readily. Prescribing therapy for a fatal disease with out knowing the real benefits (if any) and dangers is unethical.

  20. TOAFN says:

    When i see the profitable cancer industry for the last 60 years with incredible bad results , violently opposed to alternatives, and big pharma in every board of directors then my bullshit detector goes straight up to the planet mars.

    ‘Chemotherapy is a marvelous oppurtunity for rampant deceit. So much money is there to be made..”
    ~George Lundberg, M.D. editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

  21. thepowerofozone says:

    to see testimonials of people who healed themselves with ozone even from long lasting late stage chronic conditions – check out my channel.

  22. mercurio0000 says:

    @cutelittleflowers Thank you!

  23. DoubleDutchBust says:

    3:02pm Thursday (CST) – Time in

    Mississippi, United States of Americasa
    Doctor Knott’Seang Blood RobertRowen
    Mississippi, United States of Americasa
    So, what is the issuE

  24. thorf says:

    My bullshit detector just went off the roof reading the comments on this video. Big pharma and high powered individuals having a stake in the sale of medical therapies is a big problem – HOWEVER, that does not imply that any crackpot “alternative” therapy works wonders for everything. Ozone therapy may very well work for a few things, such as gas gangrene caused by anaerobic bacteria but for cancer, syphilis, HIV etc. is a totally different matter.

  25. mercurio0000 says:

    Yes, thank you for pointing that out. To be honest, I don’t know the list of the products that have MSG. I do know that a lot of the health foods that they sell you at the gym have it. How ironic isn’t it? And a lot of the can foods have it too. Also, the boxed food products.
    If the human race want to survive they must get educated about this stuff. It is that serious!
    Again thank you for reminding me about MSG Mark; have a great day buddy and stay healthy.

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