Experience with the Bionic 880 in Germany

In this video, my friend Troy and I briefly describe our experiences with the Bionic 880 device for treating Lyme disease.

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8 Responses to Experience with the Bionic 880 in Germany

  1. canefan17 says:

    No updates???

  2. pheonixromeo says:


  3. BuggedbyMPD says:

    Any updates on the 880?

  4. lymebug says:

    I was with you guys till you pulled out the “Biotenser”, aka “dividing rod”, “Is the baby a boy or girl”. You have to give the science involved. This total discredits EVERYTHING! Sorry, I’m here with you on the Lyme fight.

  5. conniekillbug says:

    Thanks Guys! We appreciate your support and prayers. Troy was using a Doug prior to 880 tx. Blessings to you, Connie

  6. dudehorner says:

    Thank you both for keeping us all updated. Sounds like major herx city – sorry you’re both hurting so bad right now,
    My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  7. thane17 says:

    what kind of rife machine was Troy using prior to the 880 treatments?

  8. akamouzis says:

    please keep up updated on your progress connie.

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