Here we go!

Moving forward with all the craziness!

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5 Responses to Here we go!

  1. penguini1982 says:

    She is okay but has some stuff going on and will be gone from YouTube at least for a while. She could use good thoughts, though!

  2. marieked says:

    Macs rock! It’s all I’ve ever owned :) good luck for the move!

  3. babodie1 says:

    Is sellynue ok? She has pulled all videos…..

  4. babodie1 says:

    Wow everything that you were concerned about the condo a huge 360 congratulations!!! Just a tip but when suddenly my zofran was being rejected even after 3 appeals made by my dr. He came up with the idea that I have the script filled at the hospital that was connected to him and voila after months and months of denials I took script to hospital Rx and they filled on the spot……I haven’t had issues w/nexium yet…

  5. missnikkiann says:

    So much exciting stuff! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, especially on Monday.

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