I Have A Clinical Diagnosis Of Lyme Disease

I have recently seen a private doctor who has given me a clinical diagnosis of Lyme disease. This video is about this. I have also found the following article that may be of interest to my regular subscribers who have ME. It is about the possibility of a bacterial infection Chlamydia Pneumoniae (this is NOT the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia!) being involved some cases of ME/ CFS. Dr Bell and Cheney were involved in research into this until the plug was pulled on it because of politics! Sorry I use the term CFS in the video, my brain isn’t working too well at the moment. Here is the link: www.cpnhelp.org

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25 Responses to I Have A Clinical Diagnosis Of Lyme Disease

  1. kaazoom says:

    It turned out not to be Lyme. The Lyme doctor I saw put me on a high dose of antibiotics for a few months, there was no improvement. He felt it wasn’t worth continuing with them. The clinical signs of lyme are so much like M.E., that is true M.E. not CFS as described by the wessely school psychiatrists, that without definitive tests it is hard to distinguish between the two. Until tests that are reliable are found, there will always be uncertainty. it could turn out that I have neither.

  2. niknik54100 says:

    how are you now ?

  3. niknik54100 says:

    ive only just seen this video i did send you a message about lyme but i see you have found whats wrong ….well im so pleased for you and i hope your get the treatment you need ………im going through this at the moment

  4. AnonInEng says:

    It’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Many people put their head in the sand when it comes to health, until it’s too late. Best to be a live hypochondriac than a dead one. That doesn’t mean i believe this guy is a hypochondriac-far from it!

  5. kaazoom says:

    No I saw a doctor in Wales who has a special interest in Lyme. My tests were negative. I tried a course of doxycycline but it had no effect. He said he would have expected at least some improvement in my health during the time I was on them, but there was none. He suggested that it probably wasn’t Lyme so I discontinued the treatment.

    The problem is Lyme and ME have very similar symptoms. I couldn’t be sure I had been bitten by a tick. So the Lyme diagnosis was based on a possibility.

  6. bamptonbred says:

    Hi, was it the breakspear hospital in the uk you went too?

    Im going there in a few weeks for test of possible mycoplasma

  7. pur3ly says:

    you probly dont have it and are paranoid.

  8. ytrxeno1 says:

    Hi Elaine

    At last, I have very similar symptoms as Kaazoom. I am seeing a specialist on 25th November 09 fof movement disorders. I was diagnosed with reslless leg 8 years ago etc too long a story to go into now but i would welcome any information you may be able to sent me. Regards Jim in England

  9. DysautonomiaMD says:

    I lived on a PICC line for 2 1/2 years….they kept getting infected. I’m so sorry for all the suffering you undergo.
    Please know that, if it helps, I understand. Please feel free to ask me questions and/or let me know when issues come up. Highest Personal Regards, Dr M

  10. Cammster101 says:

    I am on Picc Line jUne1st/09 for lyme…this disease is awful ~~ thanks for making this video
    Idid a puppet show about lyme…I invite U to come see on you tube.

  11. ecftube says:

    Did you receive the brochure ????

  12. mzpiffmister says:

    I would love to get a copy of the brochure. I have been doing a lot of research as of late because I don’t trust the tests and the fact the doctor believes everything he sees.

  13. ecftube says:

    I saw a wonderful Lyme specialist in Carolina. People come from all over the world to see him. Many Lyme organizations can point you in the right direction. The director of the organization that I belong to has contacts all over the world. I wrote an informative Lyme brochure when I was going through 8 months of IV therapy. Two Lyme specialists reviewed what I had written and approved it. Will email to anyone. There is great contact info in this brochure.
    Elaine in Virginia.

  14. Prethenie says:

    No sugar of any kind, including fruit. Fruit is bred for a high sugar content. No honey agave or any sweetner. Try two weeks, of salads with only olive oil, veggies, some free range chicken and water. You will find many symptoms go away. Not a one day cure, but the begining of some progress. It’s the immnune system that must be made stronger. Forget lemon juice, it caused pain, vinegar, nadda. Keep it simple. Lots of greens is key. I was bedridden and can live alone again. Lyme loves sugar.

  15. neelubird says:

    I don’t know if there’s a connection with Lyme Disease but definitely there’s a connection between chemical sprays and organophosphate poisoning and MCS.

  16. Prethenie says:

    Has anyone considered? that the heavy spraying of Chemtrails, may have made us susceptible to Lyme Disease.

  17. Macmador says:

    I still can’t get my doctor to test me – he doesn’t answer phone calls or e-mails, despite his secretary informing me he knows of my situation. I’ve given up on him and am continuing with high doses of multivitamins, immunomodulators and antibiotics.

  18. neelubird says:

    My GP also ignored me every time I mentioned Lyme and refused to test for it. When I finally decided to get private (igenex) blood tests for it, my GP told me it would be “a waste of your time and money”. The tests came back positive for Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, Erlichia and neurological abnormalities amongst other things. We’re better off going private or treating ourselves as we know more than many NHS Drs. Hope your treatment helps.

  19. Macmador says:

    Thank you for the videos. I have been ill since at least 1994, and only last year was reckoned to have Lyme Disease. The problem is my UK NHS/private doctor is procrastinating over giving me a blood test (apparantly, the NHS disagrees with his therapies), and, nearly one year later, still has not made an appointment for the test. I am reduced to spending money I don’t have on imported medicines while struggling with the suicidal tendencies of ME/Lyme.

  20. cleric1104 says:

    Kazoom, best to you on your struggle. Nutshell for me: Two nasty bites a couple of years ago that were treated as spider bites and disappeared. No symptoms til a year and a half later. Terrible back pain, knee pain, deep stabbing pains in my gut, brain fog, snotty nose watery inflamed eyes, NO energy or strength. Thanks to viewing Lymies on youtube, found a lyme doc and have been on aggressive oral abx treatment for 3 months. Things are getting better. I wish the same for you. Fight it.

  21. ecftube says:

    Wrote a very informative Lyme brochure with help of 2 Lyme specialists. Will email to anyone.
    Elaine in VA

  22. kaazoom says:

    Finding a doctor who actually listened was such a relief. There is nothing worse than knowing you are ill, but keep getting told it is all in your head! I am hoping that I am one of the fortunate ones whose test results show that it is unmistakably Lyme as this will help with getting better treatment and show that the other doctors were wrong! I’ll keep you posted. Best wishes, Paul.

  23. kaazoom says:

    Thank you Lauren. It does look as if a diagnosis as near at last. thankfully the doctor I saw is prepared to prescribe antibiotics regardless of the blood tests results. Lyme is very difficult to test for as it doesn’t stay in the blood long, instead it gets into body tissue. It is also able to hide from the immune system and resist antibiotic treatment. Thank you for your prayers.

  24. justter says:

    It sounds like you finally have found a doctor who actually wishes to help you and that is wonderful! I truly hope that the antibiotics will help you. I will be watching for your next update. Until then, take care of yourself.

  25. laurenvparrott says:

    I am so glad that you got a diagnosis! I know you’ll have to wait for these test results but at last you know what it causing these problems. I wish you the very best and you are in my prayers. Please make more videos and keep us posted!!

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