Immunology of Annelids

Product Description
Immunology of Annelids provides a state-of-the-art review of the biological and biochemical processes involved in defense reactions of annelids. The book covers phylogeny, taxonomy, and fundamental body structure to provide basic information essential to developing a full understanding of the defense system of an organism. Physiological aspects of the relationship between the immune systems and cells and their limitations are discussed in detail, and the role of cells in cellular defense, transplantation, and humoral defenses is explained. The importance of annelids and their defense reaction from the phylogenetic standpoint is examined in a chapter comparing vertebrate and invertebrate defense strategies. Immunology of Annelids is a practical reference for cell biologists, immunologists, evolutionary and developmental biologists, and other researchers who need insight into the development and hierarchy of immune reactions.

Immunology of Annelids

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