lyme cured naturally – heather’s story (1/5)

heather talks about how she beat late stage chronic lyme infection and lifelong illness. she talks about how she first realized she had lyme and the first symptoms, like anxiety, depression, social phobia, depersonalization, derealization she encountered which were purely neurological.

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25 Responses to lyme cured naturally – heather’s story (1/5)

  1. eugkra34 says:

    I think that if i went to a real doc they would just send me home. I thought i would have high mercury so i asked a my home doctor to test me but he said that couldn’t be it but after the homeopathic test I got I was right. I don’t recall ever being bit by a tic but I lived out on the country all my life.

  2. eugkra34 says:

    I feel like there might be a chance i have this…or I may have just been watching one to many youtube videos. I have feel disconnected from reality (I have heard this referred to as a “calcium shell”) and according to some some tests, I have some very high mercury and lead levels and Intestinal problems which cause food sensitivity and fatigue. I have been using DMSA but my muscle twitching still remain and I’m sick of avoiding almost every damn food out there.

  3. Zouscarlett says:

    Healing tick bite – Reading 393-1 by Edgar Cayce, most famous US-healer and prophet healed it. Get the reading as circular file from the Association for Reserach and Enlightenment – ask for heath service department – and then apply. All you need is a RadioActiveAppliance, Radial Device, Gold Solution to attach to it, Olive Oil, Myhrrh. a little Sassafras Oil, and a Sinusoidal Generator like the Tone Generator enter lyme frequencies (ask me) or buy a tens ems application very cheap. have rdg ask

  4. prsglenn says:

    Story of my life. Every other thing she says.. check, check, check.

  5. thepowerofozone says:

    @joe91787 not sure about the MMS … personally i would not use it …

  6. thepowerofozone says:

    @Infinitesimalism the brainwashing machine is too pervasive. so many people reason like you just did which prevents them from trying those things. it’s a vicious circle – a brilliant marketing gimmick to keep us dumb and sick.

  7. thepowerofozone says:

    @BreakerOfBoxes not sure which videos you’re talking about … you can send me a link to my message box …

  8. BreakerOfBoxes says:

    Is this the same Heather who has videos of her Herxing on YouTube?

  9. Infinitesimalism says:

    @joe91787 These kinds of comments anger me. If they CURED Lyme disease, AIDS, and Cancer, don’t you think everyone afflicted with those diseases would be using them? Not saying they might not have some redeeming properties but to use the word cure so liberally is a little naive and may upset those who are actually suffering from those diseases.

  10. joe91787 says:

    the beck protocol and mms(miracle mineral supplement or solution) will both cure Lyme disease and all infectious diseases such as aids and cancer the beck protocol uses ozone colloidal silver and also cleans the blood

  11. maciejwrotek says:

    @ErichRaeder I don’t think this is the reason they give officially.

  12. ErichRaeder says:

    @maciejwrotek Its illegal because Big Pharma does not like it as it works better against cancer and many illness and it does cure as well

  13. maciejwrotek says:

    @ErichRaeder why illegal ? What is the official reason ?

  14. maciejwrotek says:

    @explorer2101 Psychological implies that u can cure those with psychotherapy. This is not true. Brain is a physical matter. Psychological is just the way to call things when we don’t know what causes them. I had all these with mine lyme.

  15. ErichRaeder says:

    This Ozone Therapy is declared ILLEGAL in New Zealand and yet I have heard from a Medical Ozone Grade Generator maker that he had delivered at least 3 Medical Grade Ozone Generators to doctors and GP’s to use on their own families

  16. MusicCityMiracle says:

    Heather is purty!

  17. thepowerofozone says:

    @explorer2101 but if you think that someone could feel demoralized or feel worse by watching a person recount her recovery from an allegedly incurable condition i suggest that you consider undergoing some if not all of the treatments heather is talking about – i have an idea they might possibly do you some good …

  18. thepowerofozone says:

    @explorer2101 i see your point, maybe she should have described more the symptoms she was suffering from but we thought that to know how to get rid of them was more important than to dwell on the bad part.

  19. thepowerofozone says:

    @explorer2101 i don’t see where you get the “trivialised” part from. it took her months of daily consistent routines until she started seeing progress. she was at it full time. she went near bankrupt trying to get well.
    i believe you’re trivializing things. having gone through the same hell as her PLUS the physical pain i can tell you that the psychological & emotional suffering is the worst and in my case destroyed my family.

  20. thepowerofozone says:

    @explorer2101 when i met heather the first time she was clearly suicidal. she quit her job, her school, her family thought she was crazy and making it all up – all because of the lyme. her life as she knew it ceased to exist. i understand it’s hard to believe looking at her now how much she suffered and how much her personality was distorted by lyme. i can’t believe it myself when i see her now. she’s got sparkles in her eyes and is a happy, confident person. it’s totally amazing.

  21. Lymegirl890 says:

    Hey explorer,
    Thanks so much for sharing your comment. I was the one in the video. Oh Gosh, mine wasn’t trivial at all. But I did cry seeing “under our skin” because all those people had it in their legs, and physical symptoms that people were able to see. Lyme manifests itself so differently to so many different people. Each needs to resonate with others. Lyme can even manifest itself as MS or even parkensons. So different for everyone.

  22. explorer2101 says:


    The symptoms she describes are psychological & emotional in nature (which again she states herself).

    I wonder if some of the comments in this video will seem very patronising to those suffering terribly painful, physical symptoms.
    The way such a cure is ‘trivialised’ can seem to imply that others do not wish to get well.

    I hope that no-one is demoralised or made to feel worse by watching this – though the motive may be well intentioned.

  23. explorer2101 says:

    Am I the only one? I do not wish to appear rude or offensive towards this lady as she probably does mean well.

    One can see that, if she has had Lyme Disease, she has not suffered symptoms to the degree that many people experience it.

    She says that she suffered neurological problems & also states that she had no physical pain or restrictions – as if the two are exclusive. Neurological problems cause a wide range of painful & debilitating symptoms.


  24. Amos1010 says:

    I can so related to this video

  25. nancyl2 says:

    WOW This is something else. I do not know of anyone with Lyme disease. I listen now to the 2nd part. Truly engageing material. Thanks for sharing this.:-)

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