Lyme Disease and Relationships

This video is related to an excerpt in my book, “The Lyme Disease Survival Guide: Physical, Lifestyle and Emotional Strategies for Healing,”, and is entitled: “They Will Never, Ever Understand: Accepting Friends’ and Family’s Limitations.” It discusses the difficulties that Lyme disease sufferers have with family and friends who don’t understand chronic illness, and ways to cope with the disappointment. For more information on Lyme disease, visit:

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25 Responses to Lyme Disease and Relationships

  1. iLoveSydBarrett says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do internet research on using SEA SALT for curing Lyme. I had it for seven months before I was diagnosed, and doxycycline only made me sicker. I took a shot of about 1/2 teaspoon of RAW SEA SALT in a small amount of water, and in only hours I felt better than I had in months! I continued this maybe three times a day for several days and it ended my Lyme. I take this “shot” every now and then just to be sure it stays gone. IT WORKS. DO RESEARCH. TELL THE PEOPLE!!

  2. Darkredgem says:

    Hi Connie,
    I’ve been going through and watching your blogs. They have been a big help. I was diagnosed with CLD in Sept. Your the first person to actually express a lot of what I’ve been feeling and going through. I used to be an avid speed reader but I don’t really enjoy reading anymore since I got sick but I’m going to order your book anyway. I think It wil be a lot of help. Anyway I just wanted to say keep up the good work and thanks.

  3. buzzsflybox says:

    I’m glad you posted this subject. I haven’t seen any others on this VERY important part of our disease. Thanks again. Buzz

  4. newmoongathering says:

    lyme disease f-ing sucks. My girlfriend dumped me when I got sick, all my other friends abandonded me. I ended up in the mental hospital hallucinating from it. Perverted social worker in mental hospital tried to molest me while i was puking from opiate withdrawls that the hospital shot me up with, (gross) hopped the fence and ran out, im at home on antibiotics herbs and such and its going noooo where. Im 20 should be in college, but am too sick. bleh.

  5. daddycubjudah says:

    The part when you said just happen to have a good day, really hit close to home.

  6. gomilou says:

    Yeah, I understand about the emotional abandonment. and the need to forgive others. No one even sent me a “get well soon” card when I was diagnosed. Even though I spent most of 2 years in bed, after developing chronic Lyme, & starting treatment. I even had a pastor tell me I “complain all the time about” my “Lyme disease!” That was when I’d asked for prayer! Yes, you’re right, we have to forgive others. NO ONE was there for me except my husband. Maybe my personality changed too ….

  7. Micart33 says:

    hi love how did you recover from lime disease i would love to hear your story

  8. TheAngelwhisperer says:

    Thanks for this one. I have very little family support other than my husband and my friends don’t really understand what is going on. This was helpful.

  9. trig3r01 says:

    “Hi” I have lymes and i don’t have any support at all i deal with it on my own and it is very painful and hard.

  10. jars92 says:

    I have psoarsis we have alot of the same pain. having people look at me funny always scratching and bleed because of it. Low self esteem so I know some of the pain you have or go t hrough maybe not all but most of it. Jesus is the only one getting me through it I am nothing with out him GOD bless you for your wonderful videos

  11. conniekillbug says:

    I am so sorry you have experienced this! Yes, I know a few others who have gone through such horrible experiences; ie, abandonment by spouses, abuse, etc. I have found personally, that the only one who has really been there for me like I need through this journey is God. I don’t know what your spiritual beliefs are, but I encourage you to seek companionship with God through prayer. It can give you the strength to get through, and the comfort to endure, when others fall through. Best wishes, C

  12. Shewolfen says:

    thanks so much for posting, I have been treat with some uncommon amounts of cruely by the people I have lived with and others in ways I’ve never thought people were capable off, far beyond just not understanding, before I was diagonsed and even after, and I had been so sick I DID look like hell, had seisures and total loss of function. I am fucntioning now but still have problems. It almost like its worse when people know, it easier to pretend things are ok and keep to yourself.

  13. Doppiestyle says:

    Hi connie, thanx for your reply. It is hard indeed and i’m happy to hear somebody who’s goes through the same thing as me.. I saw the lyme documentary ‘under our skin’ today, and the stories are just like mine.
    It’s is good to hear those storries, but also makes me angry.
    I wiss you well in your healing journey too, and never ever give up!!


  14. conniekillbug says:

    Hi DoppieStyle, I am sorry to hear that. It is so hard not to be understood, isn’t it? The best thing, I have found, is to find other people who are going through the same thing. They can often support you better. I wish you well in your healing journey, Connie

  15. Doppiestyle says:

    This is so true! It’s like i hear myself speak… I have lyme disease for about 6 years now and the last 2 years i couldn’t do much and have been home without no job or anything..
    I lost a lot of friends and it feels that nobody understands me.. The only thing they ask is ik i got a job already.. That really pissis me of somethimes.
    It feels good listening to this because you just said the things that are true and im going to the same shit..

    Thanks for the video. Sorry for the bad english.

  16. dipsydi says:

    Thank you for this film. I am a Lyme sufferer for 20+ years and all you say is so true. However, I am not quite as generous as you. When my sister was suffering from Manic depression, I put my all into helping her recover. I supported her in every way for a few years. Since I have had Lyme….she has not done one thing to help me….has not even gone shopping for food for me….there’s something wrong with this picture.

  17. conniekillbug says:


    I understand how hard that can be. I’m sorry your friends have not understood and believed you when you couldn’t go out. I think only those who have experienced chronic illness can truly understand. That’s why it’s good to have friends in the Lyme community, as well. When you are sad and depressed, I’d suggest going to a Yahoo! Lyme disease group for support and making friends there. It can really help. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  18. SliceofHeaven911 says:

    You sounded like you were talking about me. I am a single woman and it’s hard to date with Lyme. It’s hard to have fun with your friends with Lyme. They think you are just blowing them off when your not. I was going on a poker run today for Cancer Awearness but was sick all night and again today. I hurt so bad and I’m depressed. I think my friends just thinks I didn’t want to go and I use Lyme as an excuse. Seems like people just don’t understand and it’s sad and lonely.

  19. conniekillbug says:

    You are welcome, Lisa. I am sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling. It is hard to be treated this way when you are sick. Please let her know that she is not alone, and that she WILL one day feel normal again. I used to think I was losing my mind and that I would never get it back-and that I could not forgive those who did not understand me. But I have healed tremendously and recovered some of the friendships that I once lost as a result of this illness. Prayers and hugs, Connie

  20. LisaMDita333 says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. My 14 year old daughter is going through this and it’s horrible. She’s missed 6 months of school and loves school and was being dismissed by people as having “emotional issues” and we as her parents are trying to understand. This was helpful – thank you.

  21. conniekillbug says:

    Thanks for the compliment, foggygyrl! I am glad that you enjoyed the video. Best wishes for your healing,

    Connie :)

  22. fogggygyrl says:

    Thank you for making this video. I found out about it from someone on an ME/CFS site and you’re right, this situation is the same for many of us with different invisible illnesses. I agree with you about forgiving others in your heart, I’ve been working on that since New Year’s Day. You did a perfect job expaining everything. 5 Stars!!

  23. conniekillbug says:

    Yes, don’t give up, Josh! I was denied for SSDI the first time around, by the second time, I won. Persist and believe in Him, and He will provide all things that you need! :) Blessings, Connie

  24. cwe303 says:

    my daughter has had lyme for about 5 years now.She also had to quit her job and applied for disability and lost.She fineally hired a attorney and won So dont give up.

  25. jcham197 says:

    You really hit the nail on the head about what people think a sick person “looks like”. You just can’t “see” Lyme. I have had lyme for over 7 years now. I had to quit my job as an electronics technician and stay at home. I applied for disability and was denied, but will be having a hearing in 9 months. I some times get the feeling that some people think I’m faking my symptoms.
    I do have a supportive family and church family. Prayer and Bible reading are very helpful.
    Josh in VT

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