Lyme Disease in Horses (project)

for a zoology vet class. **I DO NOT OWN THE SONG**

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2 Responses to Lyme Disease in Horses (project)

  1. LD4Japan says:

    Thank you for your informative presentation. My horse was just diagnosed. I recognized the symptoms from what I had read and asked my vet to test her. I became very suspicious that she was infected because she went from a happy horse who loved to work to a horse who was nippy, moody, and ultimately didn’t want to work. I just started treatment and I hope she recovers as well as your horse did!

  2. hunterjumpergal171 says:

    That was really good!

    Apollo was on antibiotics for 30 days and he is all better now. It took a while for the vets to even think about testing for Lyme Disease so it was really frustrating!

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