Lyme Disease or Oral Spirochetosis

A husband, wife and their child is diagnosed with Lyme disease. The all had oral spirochetes in their gingival sulcus. Is it Lyme disease or Oral Spirochetosis?

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2 Responses to Lyme Disease or Oral Spirochetosis

  1. ecftube says:

    Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of 2 wonderful Lyme disease specialists. Will email to anyone interested.

  2. Rebecca says:

    This is fascinating!

    I was diagnosed with Lyme, (via Western Blot and long Lyme Symptom list,) and Babesiosis. I responded so well to treatment, even tolerated months of oral antibiotics with no serious problems. Along with avoiding my allergic foods and keeping on my Vitamin D deficiency with highdose supplements and sunshine… I felt the best I had felt in years.

    Then some number of months went by, and I started to relapse. I finally buckled down and went to the dentist to address my massive dental problems, including cracked teeth due to teeth grinding, (Lyme & PTSD). It was time for new x-rays…. and Hello to a giant bacterial cluster in my gum near my jawbone. I was scheduled immediately for oral surgery. I asked the family dentist if the bacteria could be tested and the Dr. said “Not without a microscopic evaluation”. I was thinking to myself… well get a microscope this is very seriuos to me. Ugghh… so I then went to the Oral Surgeon who was very serious about Lyme Disease and thought it was great I was seeing a Lyme Specialist (as opposed to the usually -’oh they’re quacks’ reaction).

    I stayed on antibiotics just a bit longer, (normal after oral surgery,) and I have felt great since!

    I had the bugs cut out :-) So to me it doesn’t matter what bacteria was in my jaw… It was probably a combination of species, (who knows). Chronic Lyme sufferers everywhere should look after and investigate their teeth! Many antibiotics can’t even reach into the jaw area anyway… please go to the dentist. (I ahve had multiple root canals over my life).

    I know… I know… I am really scared of the dentist too! In retrospect it was the noise of the drill that killed me, (sound sensitivity). But now that I am addressing my poor dental health, I am on the path to success! There are many holististic dentists that work specifically with Lyme Patients.

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