Lyrics to Lifeline – Brooke Fraser

Really liked this song. I have lyme disease and it kinda spoke to me…what I felt like I was going through… I dunno. Hope you like it. :)

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13 Responses to Lyrics to Lifeline – Brooke Fraser

  1. debbers217 says:

    Speaking as a fellow chronic lymie— this song, your photos, WOW- it says it all. Thank you for doing this. Bless you!!!!

  2. mabel3241 says:

    I love this song, it gives inspiration to me and I am sure all others suffering from chronic lyme disease. I am very angry because I know this could have been stopped if not for the dirty politicians who rule the Dr’s , and getting pay offs from the dirty stinking insurance companies! Oh sure, let thousands of poor innocent chidren die, how does that make you feel????????????? It would be different if it was your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hannahbanana054 says:

    God bless you my friend! He will help you through this! I pray for you =)

  4. chompermonster says:

    i hope you feel better, hannahboo227 :) just have faith, my prayers are witchu, buddy!

  5. MsJellybean247 says:

    I really like that song. It kind of reminds me to keep on going.

  6. MoonSpinner44 says:

    My prayers are with you, I hope you heal quickly and without pain. Thank-you for posting such a beautiful song as well :)

  7. jamesherrod21 says:

    Wow. Nice vid i hope your ok now


    my music teacherrr wants me to sing this :D

  9. biancajenesse says:

    God is always faithful and He Loves you very much! Pray Trust and ask for a Faith that can move the mountains in Love! Bless you Girl!

  10. maricarayasi says:


  11. TouchedbytheSaviour says:

    I luv the song and video. God bless you and He’s already thrown the lifeline, His Name is Jesus ;-) Just trust Him to take you through.

  12. hannahboo227 says:

    thanks that’s so sweet :)

  13. liane10tou says:

    You’re so right hannahboo227 i hope u went better. Give your life to Jesus he’s a faithful saviour and friend. Trust him. Love ya!

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