May 21, 2008 Part 2 of 2 BC Legislature – Lyme

MLA: Doug Routley, Cowichan-Ladysmith: Questions BC Health Minister George Abbott on Lyme Disease. Part 2 of 2

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2 Responses to May 21, 2008 Part 2 of 2 BC Legislature – Lyme

  1. KarlenaBaracuda says:

    Doug Routley is a true advocate for the people. I have the pleasure of being a friend of his as well as an employee. I am so proud that Doug Routley is my MLA.
    For the record: George Abbott is lacking an important organ; a heart.

  2. TheJimbo54 says:

    For two decades the BC government and the BC Center for Disease Control have ignored the real issue.

    We do not care if their tests in BC are negative. We do not care if you call this Lyme disease.

    What we care about is that hundreds of people are seriously ill with symptoms that are eerily similar to Lyme disease.

    Get past the denial of Lyme and tell us what this is.

    Let’s call this ARLS (Antibiotic Responsive Lyme-like Syndrome) and get on with helping the victims.

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