MMS Cure For Lyme Disease

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16 Responses to MMS Cure For Lyme Disease

  1. MrSimon2dogs says:

    Hey, just one independently verifiable reference of 1 person who has actually taken this and it worked, please! These wild, unverified promises are lies!
    Everyone I have contacted who have taken this “miracle” have suffered more, not less.
    Let’s see you take it yourself under simple, honest, clinical conditions.
    If you had Lyme yourself I doubt you would be so careless.

  2. Invisigyrl says:

    I am using MMS, But it was a product called Enliv’n that took care of my 50+ year infection of Lyme. i am not getting anything from Enliv’n.
    I am now using MMS (one bottle in 4-5 months!) to take care of parasites, virus and bacteria – all AFTER ridding heavy metals with Cilantro.
    It’s a struggle folks and if you want to get better, you have to be persistent.

  3. ihateslowdrivers says:

    why do people try these things? its a bacteria so antibiotics will work for the bigger part of the symptoms, u got that borrelia years ago so you will have to stick to the antib. plan for atleast a year. or du u expect to kill billionsofbillion of bacteria with a a 1 month IV plan, you will feel sick and ready for the ER, this is actually good because that shows that you have a bacteria messing u up. and the body s mechanism will give you symptoms and ffs dont take heavymetalls!

  4. matte5299 says:

    anyone done this?
    If anyone had had really knotty/hard/painfull muscles from lyme, mesage and let me know what helped/your treatment. Got diagnosed 5 months ago. HELP. ….im on ammox, zith, mepron, artemisinin. Want to start IV rocephin

  5. Squabbles10 says:

    Please !!!!

  6. brown55061 says:

    From what I read I think they are one in the same. Chlorine dioxide is supposed to only kill pathogens so it should be safe. But I am no doctor, research more.

  7. warriorprince1010 says:

    You do not need to try it, maybe natural salt is bad for you. Who knows maybe fruits causes cancer.

    It is your body.

  8. dannybex says:

    Any proof to back this up — especially your last sentence?

  9. warriorprince1010 says:

    Far out at sea there is little pollution.

    However once the water has evaporated the salt is unpolluted.

  10. dannybex says:

    And uh, where are we supposed to find this unpolluted sea water?

  11. warriorprince1010 says:

    Basically natural salt, real salt is just the same as “chlorine dioxide” or has the same qualities.

    Go to the sea, take sea water home, let it evaporate, throw away the white salt, use the brown salt underneath, drink with fresh water, and bingo, it cleans the blood.

    All parasites in the blood will be killed.

  12. dannybex says:

    Uhhh…I’m waiting for the answer just like you.


  13. globalhitz says:

    yes, please answer dannybex?

  14. dannybex says:

    Can’t one just buy chlorine dioxide tablets that they sell at any recreation or camping equipment store — the same chlorine dioxide used to purify river, lake and stream water?

  15. nobsvideos says:

    Elain you should email it to mmsfacts @ gmail if it deals with MMS it will get posted!

  16. ecftube says:

    Have a Lyme brochure written with help of 2 Lyme specialists. Will email to anyone.
    Elaine in VA

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