My lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis journey – 16 – the evils of losec (omeprazole) part 2

the evils of losec (omeprazole) part 2

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6 Responses to My lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis journey – 16 – the evils of losec (omeprazole) part 2

  1. boomac62 says:

    been taking 40 mg of omeprazole for a couple of years with no problems but who knows…

  2. Vulgargore says:

    …and not to mention the other little goodies I experienced which came along with Omeprazole; Heart Palpitations, Depression, Anxiety and Light Headedness.

  3. Vulgargore says:

    But the worst part was trying to wake up in the mornings, from the moment I would wake up and try to get up, I would end up battling with myself, trying to keep myself awake, but I would keep drifting in and out of sleep like I had no control over it. Some of these mornings it would actually take me up to 2 hours just to get out of bed, this problem also caused me to experience sleeping paralysis a handfull of times.

  4. Vulgargore says:

    I was put on Omeprazole (20mg x2 Daily) for about 2 weeks. They did the job for the problem I had; inflammation due to excess acid. But for those 2 weeks, I was like a zombie, I felt completely braindead.

    Zoning out alot, feeling like I was in a dream when awake, nothing around me seemed real, complete derealization.

  5. ruthheasman says:

    Hi Cronelesbo, Not sure about Prevacid. Never tried it myself and am not finding the big slew of adverse reactions to it (via Google) that I did to omeprazole. However, if it works in the same way, then there’s a good chance the problems would be the same. I can’t say for sure though.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have naturopaths in the UK, but we do have some great docs at the Breakspear clinic I attend, so I’ll definitely be asking them next visit.


  6. cronelesbo says:

    Thank you 4 info!
    Do you think Prevacid/Lansoprazole is as bad?
    Similar drug.

    I have experienced some of these symptoms, but also
    having digestive issues anyways previous.

    Organic Aloe Vera juice great for soothing digestive organs and others. Organic Licorice liquid is great 2.
    High quality pro-biotics. My doc is putting me on a special
    program for immune/digestive system for this and to NOT use these drugs. Is great naturopath/doc.

    Write to me for more info if you want.
    Take good care!

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