New Book–Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment

In this video, I describe my recently published book, which contains treatment protocol for chronic Lyme disease and the corollary conditions that it causes. It is based upon interviews with thirteen Lyme-literate health care practitioners. For purchasing information, visit: or http .

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6 Responses to New Book–Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment

  1. cindyzon says:

    Hi Connie,

    What was the result of the treatment with the Biophoton 880? Is the Lyme still gone? If it is, how do you know for sure?
    If the Biophon 880 works, then, I think, the antibiotics, supplements and diets are no longer neccesary. Looking forward to your answer.

  2. 28037 says:

    Hello Connie , I applaud your efforts! It takes determination to publish a book. Great presentation also. In the mid-1990′s while dealing with a health issue I when to a clinic , a hair sample was taken and analyzed. This will reveal all chemicals in the body and if there is a deficiency. A very good place to start . Enjoy your success!

  3. Arche2012 says:

    Hi, Conny I am a health practitioner and I am impressed with your wrk. Especially I find you have a good mixof compassion and knowlegde.
    You said you used MMS and tahn switched to salt/VIt C. I am about to do the same. Can you report about the differences. Have you explored h2o2 yet. Seems to work similar than MMS:
    Hope to hear from you soon. Don’t let yourself get discuraged by silly comments. Tahnks for who you are and what you do.

  4. lymeboyandmamajeanne says:

    This book rocks, Connie! Thank you!

  5. smmyasdoco says:

    Your last video’s comments are removed and people wanted to know about the 880 nm laser and if it worked. You did not specify. You also appeared to be a Lyme patient, which you make no mention of in this video promoting your book. I think you are a fake!

    I think you are full of crap in every direction. I bet your 99% of the medical quotes in your book are also crap.

    This would be a good time to come clean.

    Laser promotes growth and it only takes a google search to find that/

  6. KaterinaEllas says:

    Looking fwd to reading it connie! Congrats on the book
    God Bless you
    happy healing

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