Randy Sykes message to Lyme Patients

Randy Sykes message to Lyme Patients asking patients to put aside their personal differences and act together for positive change. Mr. Sykes was a DOT working in Connecticut before being stricken down with Lyme. He isn’t lazy, rides Harleys and is not someone to bellyache. More information: starkravingviking.blogspot.com

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18 Responses to Randy Sykes message to Lyme Patients

  1. Tickscorn says:

    I just noticed that my post disappeared. Did I say something wrong?

  2. Tickscorn says:

    Hi Randy! I’m writing from Pinellas County, Florida. (That’s about where the bird migration hooks a right in its travel south.) I was amazed to see that in the book, Lab 257. I saw you last week on Jesse Ventura’s show. Awesome!! You got some big brass ones, brother! Thank you for speaking for us all. I’m trying to spread the word down here in denial land, to warn people. I’ve had this for so many years, mostly undiagnosed, and my kids were born with it. I really need to contact you.

  3. vandlent says:

    was this done for a newscast? I went un/misdiagnosed for 4 yrs thanks to the inept medical community, even went to Duke and Hopkins….found Igenex lab and a LLMD and am now on massive IV abx therapy + Nutramedix SAMento cat’s claw and vitamins…..More POWER TO YOU, RANDY!!

  4. BeelinedAgain says:

    And I have always been too sensitive to drink even a glass of wine, and drugs? I have reacted negatively to….my whole life. What a waste of time. Yet, they send mail, begging for money to support them. Go figure?

  5. BeelinedAgain says:

    Forget Lahey Clinic. I went to the emergency room and I told them my symptoms, mostly the heart issues, direclty related to Lyme. They tested me for drugs and alchhol, because of my stress level and high blood pressure and then sent me home. Assholes. Blue Cross would not fight it, and I got stuck paying my co-pay for these tests, they called mandatory for all patients. Scum.

  6. kevininbc says:

    I only lived in CT for 2 years…I was given a parting gift. Misdiagnosed in a clinic 50 miles from Lyme County. My case was studied by a Boston Medical Professor for rare co-infection. Since 1998 I have suffered. after 3 rounds of antibios I decided to conserve my organs-using Rife therapy.Look up Plum Island and look at it’s geographical position compared to Lyme County. where you live matters little…this was a well(f-ed up) executed plan.

  7. ecftube says:

    Wrote a very comprehensive Lyme brochure with the help of 2 Lyme specialists. Will email a copy to anyone. GREAT INFO
    Elaine in VA

  8. angela4507 says:


    I am recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease and not through a doctor but by information from another Lyme victim and obtained my own test kit from IGeneX. I understand and agree with everything you say wholeheartedly. I am 6 years post Lyme after an acute infection which caused encephalitis back in 2002. I am being treated with IV and getting better. I am working on doing some educating in my area, writing to legislators, but want to do more, can you give me ideas? Angie in MN

  9. londerosa says:

    Amen brother! I wish I had seen this a few years ago. I’ve been laying in bed for three years, with really wonderful looking blood tests, that cost thousands of dollars. I finally decided to skirt my doctors and put myself on doxycycline. I’m watching the mail everyday for it, hoping for a miracle. I’m just sorry I listened to doctors, and allowed it to become a chronic condition.

  10. hurliegirlie1911 says:

    This video kicks butt.

  11. kidkollector says:

    Bravo! This is long overdue. We need Michael Moore to do a documentary on this. This chronic infection stuff is very real and very scary. I had a neg Lyme test seven yrs ago, so was told I must have ms. I got antibiotics on my own, but am NOT better. Washington/CDC/Insurance companies have gained much by telling us all to go away. Makes me so mad I could spit!

  12. trebelclef says:

    beta lactams including penicillins and cephalosporins convert some spirochetes into L-forms. What then? Do we avoid rocephin and penicillins?

  13. DontTickMeOff says:

    The Posion Plum, No Compassion Observed.

  14. kalidoscopeyes says:

    Thanks for the great post.I’ve been obsessed w/ this kind research,if you could cite your info that’d be wonderful.I’d love to know of any good books on these topics,the only one I know of is Lab 257.

  15. DontTickMeOff says:

    Go Randy! Your are one awesome Lyme Cryme fighter. Remember, one fine day we will win against this terrible travesty against the World. I am so DAMN PROUD to call you my friend and very happy to STAND WITH YOU to FIGHT TOGETHER! I drew my line in the sand. You are so right about patients putting aside their personal differences and act TOGETHER for positive change, for TOGETHER WE STAND!

    Dottie L. Heffron

  16. loggerbuck says:

    Good video. How do we fight back? Class action suit? I hate Lawyers but this seems to be the only course… I don’t think politicians will touch it… too technical… you can’t describe the problem in a 15 second sound bite. I am sick, my wife, my son, my wife’s sister. Sister’s daughter likely has autistic spectrum. My daughter has issues, is pregnant and won’t get tested!

  17. LymeKerry says:

    Right on! Ive been poisoned too, and I have been researching the same thing you have.
    Im with you 100%…
    Dont know about you.. but I am beyond bitter about it all..

  18. Jennifer D says:

    Great video, curious what those with autoimmune disorders do when they suspect chronic lymes disease? I tested positive on the ELISA but negative on the W.Blot.
    6 years of tremoring and stiffness all over no answers no aggressive treatment nothing. Stuggling each day.

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