Rhode Island tick warning

Ticks in Rhode Island shown to carry Babesiosis in addition to Lyme disease.

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4 Responses to Rhode Island tick warning

  1. drishtichik says:

    Ticks in Texas carry it, too! Yes, I got 2 separate strains of Babesia (microti and duncani) near Austin, TX. Probably many cases never get identified…most docs have never heard of it or think it’s very rare – I bet not!

  2. k600r says:

    Figures I’m goin to rhode island today

  3. KristianaS2003 says:

    Unfortunately, this dr does not believe in co-infections beyond Babesia and Erhlichia (sp). But anyone sharing awareness of tick borne diseases is helpful!

  4. GroovyVideo2 says:

    I got Babesiosis in Austin TX – Its is in EVERY state–Almost killed me –
    75% of people that have Lyme have Babesiosis also
    took 5 years of Painful Expensive treatment to get my what is left of my life back

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