Rotator Cuff Exercises for Pain Relief / Shoulder Pain Relief to purchase this entire Rotator Cuff DVD. Simple exercises to relieve pain in the shoulder joint from bursitis, tendinitis, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears, etc. Rehab exercises from physical therapy to fix, help, stop, and end shoulder pain in just minutes a day. Features the DVD, 7 Minutes to a Healthy Shoulder and Rotator Cuff by David Wicker at Ko Olina Hawaii. This is a sample video only!

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25 Responses to Rotator Cuff Exercises for Pain Relief / Shoulder Pain Relief

  1. anonimity304 says:

    If the exercise at 2:00 really worked, I’d have ZERO pain in my shoulders. I’ve done that exorcise at least once a day since I was 13.

  2. cybersalad says:

    I ended up with a shoulder impingement last year and these exercises are very similar to what my physical therapist taught me. Maybe I’ll pick up the DVD since I forgot the form on a lot of them.

    I stopped doing all overhead weight exercises (which is how I think I got it in the first place), and I do this and some other stretches every workout.

    I still have some issues but it’s NOWHERE near as bad as when I first got hurt. I’d say %95 recovery so far.

  3. StyleAndSpeedx says:

    Thumbs up if you tried this on your computer table.

  4. blahguy99 says:

    “hahahah it looks like hes jacking off!”……shut up

  5. mistersmith6000 says:

    I need advice. Past 6 months a sharp pain in my right shoulder when 1) wake up and l try to lift off the covers 2) Put on a jacket, 3) have to extend and raise my arm with any weight. I bought bands, went to rehab, had two MRIs. They cant tell me definitely, but I have a pinpoint tear. Do I need surgery? Doc says yes if exercise is a hobby but not necessarily. Very confusing. I’m 48, swim, did push-ups for eight years. Stopped after pain. I wanna get back to swim and push-ups. lost all muscle.

  6. TruthAndDiscovery says:

    I bought your video. This exercise was particularly helpful and also one of the stretches you outlines when done gently as it really hits the spot.. I’m a surfer and had moderatley bad rotator cuff for several years. I now have virtually no problems with my rotator cuff but there still is a weakness there but it is totally manageable and gives me few problems. Ive not been doing the exercise lately though but felt that it was very very helpful in facilitating healing alongside work w my physio

  7. peepla7 says:

    I drive a schoolbus….left shoulder has been killing me. Without meds….this excersise killed the pain. First time in a week…no pan. Thank you!

  8. tybonertyj12 says:

    So i’m having Rotator Cuff pain whenever I work out my chest. Would this, plus a good amount of rest of course, help me heal them?

  9. FFreeLevant says:

    Wow. This single exercise works magic.

  10. thunder72191 says:


  11. bboychips says:

    Since I refuse looking gay while doing this i use my gun instead of a weight.

  12. vishnuEIN says:

    Thanks dude! this worked for my in just 5 minutes..

  13. krzintegraboi says:

    hmm at 2:17 thats the wrong way but it should still work ..

  14. 5065ca says:


  15. ValleysOfMe says:

    lol this is kinda gay

  16. GribMurder says:

    @whitetigerhawaii this works, my shoulder feels a bit stronger now, I’ma do this more.  you really must be a wizard.

  17. Avatar230594 says:

    2:00 kinda sus.

  18. kevindrake714 says:

    please tell me what kind of mat this is on the video, and where i can get it….
    -thank you

  19. nigropuntdus says:

    I just did this with a tv remote, and the clicking in my shoulders is gone. I’m extremely grateful for this!

  20. nigropuntdus says:

    fantastic, finally a rotator cuff exercise video that doesn’t require resistance bands

  21. thybuilder says:

    @leviterande LMAO !

  22. owlqueen953 says:

    this worked.

  23. savge10 says:

    Press 7 for a good time

  24. savge10 says:

    id rather ruin my shoulder for life than be seen at the gym doing that

  25. abuggy91 says:

    how many times did you guys have to do this before the camera man didn’t burst out laughing at 1:56?

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