Under Our Skin – Excerpt 4 – Physicians Under Attack

Physicians risk losing their licenses when treating Lyme disease. For more information visit www.underourskin.com

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10 Responses to Under Our Skin – Excerpt 4 – Physicians Under Attack

  1. peace12583 says:

    i have chronic lyme with a neg. lyme test
    so no dr. treated me 4 a long time.
    a few months after i started treatment with a REAL dr. i started getting better.
    and wen i went back to my physician he said i could be taking sugar water and i would be getting better becuz i am crazy

  2. igspal says:

    TYPO!: Did not mean to type a space between the “r” and “g” below!

  3. igspal says:

    Ps. The link I mentioned in my last comment was deleted, but you can still get to it by going to “lymediseaseassociation(dot)org”, then click on the article entitled “Connecticut Doctor Protection Bill Passes House”

  4. igspal says:

    On April 30, 2009, there has FINALLY been a great, legal update regarding doctors’ treatment of Lyme Disease (link is listed below)!

  5. wowcolors says:

    Woot, that is my doctor in this clip, she rocks!

  6. neelubird says:

    I’ve heard that LDN has been used to treat MS patients as well. Can you be more specific about which of your symptoms were alleviated by it?

  7. Wyliesmom says:

    My problem is giving up sugar totally. That’s a hard one. Not even fruit!!

  8. Wyliesmom says:

    Prethenie, what is LDN??

  9. Wyliesmom says:

    Lyme is a hideous disease. Of course, it’s recognized in our dogs, but we can’t get recognized. Thank God, I have a LLMD, but insurance doesn’t pay.

  10. texasdar says:

    I was bit in 1992, then twice in 1996, and now get to stay home 24-7, becouse I cant do anything without collasping. Google Dar’s Toy Story, I wrote it 1 year ago, to let others know what we go threw every day. Been downloaded 6 Mil. times. Its on Lyme-Net too. Dont look back@what ya did, see what ya can still do, it could be worse,like me. Were alone out here,and can,hope anybody will hear us.I eat a bulb of “Raw-Garlic a day.Only thing that helped Texas Dar

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