Under Our Skin WUSA-9 DC

News coverage on WUSA-9 News on award-winning Lyme Disease documentary. This film chronicles the controversy and debates surrounding the disease and its treatment within the medical community.

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3 Responses to Under Our Skin WUSA-9 DC

  1. ABM1306 says:

    This is a blessing. Thank you to all these groups and movements to help Lyme patients.
    I have suffered with Lyme disease for many years. We Lyme patients are not too unique, we all have these similar stories. This is a true “evil” bug. It’s almost taken my life, a couple of times.

  2. smellmyface2 says:

    The doctors that say your crazy are truely stupid and ignorant. Im afraid to get involved with a doctor. They really are self involved and dangerous to the community.

  3. ecftube says:

    Wrote an informative Lyme brochure with the help of 2 Lyme specialists. Will email to anyone.
    Elaine in VA

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